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    2. เดิมพันฟรี ตารางบอลวันนี้

      The most exciting event on the U Sports lendar is set for Tues., Jan. 29

      Come out and support your Cougars as they face the University of lgary Dinos

      Buy your Crowchild Classic ticket now

      • 7th annual Crowchild Classic Jan. 29
        Crosstown smackdown especially special for Cougars seniors


      • Cougars net high scores
        Sixty-eight student-athletes named Ademic All-nadians


      • Premier champions midwives at Mount Royal
        Top baby names for Alberta also announced


      • Coming together at the end
        A palliative re program for people who are experiencing homelessness is helping them die with dignity


      Champions for reer development

      Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship Program provides guidance from those who have been there

      2018 Outstanding Future Alumni Award recipient

      Current student and alumna Jenny Limoges finds power in sharing stories

      Bell Let's Talk Day Jan. 30

      Use the hashtag #BellLetsTalk to help break the stigma around mental health

      Students hosting energy summit SevenGen 2019

      Leader brings together Indigenous youth to talk about nada's future

      Community Mobile Food Market on mpus Tuesdays

      This grocery store on wheels increases the availability of healthy and affordable food to all. Bring your own bag!

      Honouring Mount Royal's fallen students

      Celebrate their lives by giving to students of the future

      Do what you love

      Grads land dream jobs

      This is research at Mount Royal

      Professors are engaged in creating and sharing knowledge in and out of the classroom

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